Belarmino Vallejo


On occasion a monument can tell a story through unique and beautiful artistry... Mr. Vallejo's may be the most beautiful and accurate display we have ever come across...

The Good Cemeterian, 2018

The Good Cemeterian, 2018

The Good Cemeterian, 2018

The Good Cemeterian, 2018

Belarmino Vallejo was born in Cuba on February 14th 1880 to Manuel Vallejo and Amalia Santos Vallejo...When Belarmino was born on Valentine's Day 1880, the "Little War" (Spanish = Guerra Chiquita) was underway... It was the 2nd of 3 conflicts between Cuban rebels and Spain... It started on August 26th, 1879 and after modest success ended in rebel defeat 7 months after his birth in September of 1880... It followed the Ten Years' War of 1868–78 and preceded the final war of 1895–98, which ultimately resulted in American intervention and Cuban independence !!

Belarmino moved to Tampa, Florida where he worked as a cigar maker... Eventually, he married his wife Lydia Martinez...

Belarmino was a member of the Cuban Club & Woodsmen of the World fraternity...

Belarmino Vallejo life tragically ended when he was murdered 84 years ago on April 13th 1934...  The following is an excerpt from an article  published in The Tampa Tribune on Saturday, April 14th 1934:


There have been quite a few deaths in the Cuban Club... Back in the 1920's, an actor committed suicide on stage in the theater. A board member shot another after an argument and an 8 year-old-boy drowned in the poolwhere the cantina is today...

President Is Released; 
No Others Arrested

Belarmino Vallejo, 47, cigar maker of 2401 Columbus drive, shot Thursday night during a disturbance at the Cuban club, died last night at 11:45 o' clock at El Blen Publico clinic.
No arrests had been made by early this morning in the shooting on the stage of the club's theater at Tenth avenue and Fourteenth street as a climax to a stormy meeting called to discuss the discharge of a club physician.
Edward Valdez, club president, who was severely beaten in a free-for-all fight behind the wings of the stage, was questioned by notifiers yesterday but was released in the custody of a friend. He was taken in the county jail Thursday night shortly after the disturbance, but no charge was placed against him.
No Weapon on Valdez
State Attorney Farrior said his investigation had failed to directly connect Valdez with the shooting, and indicated the club president had no pistol or other weapon when the difficulty arose.
He added that evidence indicated that Vallejo apparently was the aggressor in the difficulty, and for this reason no murder charge could be sustained against Valdez under any circumstances.
Finds No Witnesses
'It appears impossible to determine, at least for the present, who fired the shots', the state attorney said. 'I have found no eye-witness yet who said Valdez had or used a gun. A pistol was found by the officers at Valdez's home, but it was fully loaded and no indication that it had been fired.

'The best information I could gather was that a fight took place back stage between Vallejo and Valdez, as the latter walked from the platform, and that the shots were fired after possibly a score of persons had jammed into a small room where the fight started. Valdez himself was badly beaten.'
Shot in Side
Vallejo was shot in the left side near the heart as he ran down an isle of the theater toward the stage- just after President Valdez cursed from the audience, had left the stage and walked into the wings.
As Valdez reached the side of the stage he was trampled and beaten by several unidentified assailants.  At the same time several shots were fired from behind the scenes.
The fighting on the stage was the signal for scattered exchanges of blows in the audience of more than 500 persons, but no one was seriously injured in them."



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