Manuel Cabrera

The Good Cemeterian, 2018

The Good Cemeterian, 2018

The Good Cemeterian, 2018

The Good Cemeterian, 2018

Manuel Jose Cabrera was born in Cuba in 1895... When Mr. Cabrera was born in 1895, the Cuban War of Independence began and was the last of 3 liberation wars that Cuba fought against Spain...

☆ The final 3 months of the conflict escalated to become the Spanish–American War, when United States forces were deployed to Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippine Islands against Spain....

☆ Manuel served the United States Army  as Private, Company 20, Quartermaster Corps...

Eventually, Manuel married his wife, Coralette "Cora" Hill... The couple had three children... Manuel supported the family as a Cigar Maker... 

Manuel Cabrera life tragically ended when he was murdered on July 4th 1929.... The following is an excerpt from The Tampa Times on July 5th 1929:
      Sawed-Off Shot Guns Used to Kill Cigarmaker

Cabrera Slain on Way Home With Sandwiches.
With five persons in the city jail, the police were bending every effort today to run down the assassins who murdered Manuel Cabrera, 33, cigar maker and strikebreaker, in front of his home at 908 Eighth avenue late last night.

Cabrera, known as 'The Mexican,' was shot down with buckshot by two men in an automobile as he returned to his home with some sandwiches shortly before midnight. Physicians found a score of wounds in his body from the fusillade of shot fired at him.
The victim was the organizer of the force of strike-breakers now employed at the A. Gutierrez cigar factory. 2511 Twenty-first street, and was shot at a month ago and had been threatened a number of times, the police learned. The 40 workers at the factory have been threatened on numerous occasions, officials of the company say.
On Trail of Assassins.
 Declaring that gang methods and violence between the workers would not be tolerated, Chief of Police James McCants today ordered the detective bureau to work unceasingly on the case until the assassins were brought to justice.
'We have some very definite leads,'  Chief of Detectives Fred Thomas, in charge of the investigation, said, 'and expect to have the guilty parties in custody within a short time.'"....

☆ Manuel Cabrera☆

☆ beloved husband & father ☆

☆ Proud Soldier ☆

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