Captain J.H. Bryant

J. H. Bryant was born more than 143 years ago on August 9th 1874…
The Good Cemeterian, 2018

The Good Cemeterian, 2018

The Good Cemeterian, 2018

The Good Cemeterian, 2018


☆ Interesting events that occurred in the United States in Mr. Bryant's birth year of 1874 included...

▪ On May 20th 1874, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis receive a U.S. patent for blue jeans with copper rivets. They are sold for $13.50 per dozen...

▪On July 1st, 1874, the Philadelphia Zoo opens...It is the first public zoo in the United States...

▪ On July 1st 1874 also in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 4 -year-old Charley Ross is America's first major kidnapping for ransom. He was taken from his home in Philadelphia.. He was never seen again...

▪ On August 10th 1874, 31st United States president Herbert Hoover is born in West Branch, Iowa...

Mr. Bryant was a resident in the state of Georgia and worked for a local fire company… He was married when he transferred to Station No. 1 under Chief Andrew Harris in Tampa and soon became Captain… Eventually, Captain Bryant and his wife had 3 children…

The following is quoted from an article about Captain Bryant and how he extinguished an auto fire published in The Tampa Times on May 30th 1912:


Captain Bryant Extinguished Burning Auto With Chemicals.

Capt. J. H. Bryant, of No. 5 fire station, made quick work of an automobile fire last night, succeeding in confining it to the top of the auto.
The fire started when a lamp on the rear of the machine exploded and set fire to the top. Captain Bryant happened to be passing on car and saw the blaze. He promptly jumped off the car and secured a hand extinguisher from inside the garage of Beckwith & Wilson, in front of whose place the car was standing. The chemical did the work.
An alarm had been turned in, but before the engines arrived Captain Bryant had succeeded in extinguishing the flames. When Chief Matthews arrived Captain Bryant calmly, but accidentally, turned the nozzle of the extinguisher toward the chief and let him get the full force of the chemical in his face. The chief soon recovered. 
The damage will be about $100. The engine of the auto was not injured."

In 1914, Captain J. H. Bryant fell ill and was admitted to Gordon Keller Hospital… He passed away 2 weeks later on August 19th 1914…. The following is quoted from Captain Bryant’s Obituary published in The Tampa Times on August 20th 1914:


Was Buried This Afternoon With Full Honors From the Force He Adorned.

Captain J. H. Bryant, one of the oldest members of the Tampa Fire department, died yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock in the Gordon Keller hospital, following a two weeks’ illness. He was thirty-eight years of age, and leaves a widow and three small children to mourn his loss.
The deceased came to Tampa about twelve years ago, and soon after he became a member of the Tampa fire fighting squad. He had before coming here been connected with a fire company in Georgia, and soon proved a valuable man. His first work was at Station No. 1, when the headquarters of the department were in the building which is now the city hall.
Under Chief Andrew Harris, who was then head of the department Mr. Bryant made a name for himself by his good work, and soon became a captain. At different times he has been in charge of Stations Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, and at the time of his death was in charge of the company at Palmetto Beach No. 6.
Funeral services were held this afternoon from his home at Palmetto Beach, the Rev. J. C. Diggs officiating. The remains were placed on the fire truck W. B. Henderson and were taken to the Woodlawn cemetery where interment occurred. The truck was driven by Herman Smith, who has been connected with the fire department ever since the city brought the first auto truck. Smith was the man who taught Captain Bryant how to pilot the big machines, and had driven the dead captain to hundreds of blazes. Sitting beside Smith was Assistant Chief Torres. Chief Matthews followed in his car with several of the firemen.
The following members of the department acted as pall-bearers: W. T. Dawson, H. Legler, Tom Crozler, A. W. Taylor, J. E. Robbins, and W. F. Stowers.”

☆ Captain J. H. Bryant, long-time first responder, beloved Father and Husband

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