Our Darling Son of W. H. & Dency Stephens

On October 28th 1913, Mr. Willie H. Stephens and Mrs. Dency Stephens welcomed their Darling Son into the World… The Infant’s Paternal Grandfather was a former “one-time” Marshal of the old municipality of Fort Brooke, Florida…
The Good Cemeterian, 2018

The Good Cemeterian, 2018

The Good Cemeterian, 2018

The Good Cemeterian, 2018

☆ Interesting events that occurred in the United States during infant Stephens birth year of 1913 included...

▪On February 1st 1913, New York City's Grand Central Terminal, having been rebuilt, reopens as the world's largest train station.

▪On March 4th, 1913 Woodrow Wilson succeeds William Howard Taft as the 28th President of the United States.

▪On July 10 1913, the temperature in Death Valley,California, hits 134 °F which is the highest recorded in the United States...

▪Historical figures born in 1913 included 37th United States President Richard Nixon, African-American civil rights activist Rosa Parks, Hall of Fame football coach Vince Lombardi, 38th United States President Gerald Ford, and 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist, Jesse Owens in Berlin, Germany in the 1936 games...

Sadly, Mr. and Mrs. Stephens’ newborn Son passed away not even a month after he was born on November 10th 1913… The following is quoted from Baby Stephens’ Death Notice published in The Tampa Tribune on November 11th 1913:

“STEPHENS—Infant of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stephens died last night at the home of its parents, No. 701 Zack street. The funeral will be held today, with interment in Woodlawn cemetery, under the direction of J. L. Reed.”


* After the death of their infant son, Mr. & Mrs. Stephens had marital issues… The separated and in 1914, Mr. Stephens relocated to Jacksonville, Florida…but he did not leave empty-handed… An article published on May 16th 1914 stated:
“Deputy Sheriff Will Woodward went to Jacksonville yesterday armed with a warrant to bring back Willie Stephens, who is charged by his mother-in-law with the theft of several diamond rings said to be worth $2,000. Stephens is the son of Jack Stephens, one time marshal of the old municipality of Fort Brooke.
Stephens is accused by his wife, Mrs. Dency Stephens, whom Stephens is now suing for a divorce. Last March, she asserts in the information, she and Stephens were living together with her mother, Mrs. L. J. Beatty, No. 701 Zack Street. On the night of March 9, it is charged, Mrs. Beatty left her jewels lying on a dressing table, although it was her custom to put them away in a safe, Stephens left the house during the same night, and Mrs. Beatty was aware of his departure and the disappearance of the diamonds both about the same time. This circumstance fastened suspicion on young Stephens.” … (one was a diamond ring over 3 carats… a 3 ½ carat diamond ring … an opal with 19 diamonds and a ring with 3 diamonds about a carat each)

* On September 2nd 1917, Dency’s mother Lena Beatty was arrested on a charge of running a “disorderly house on Zack Street”… Dency’s name was also given by an inmate… She and her mother spent a night in jail…


☆Our Darling Son of W. H. & Dency Stephens☆

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