Sofia Garcia

••• Sophia Garcia's Monument was incredibly challenging and took me nearly 4 months to complete...It had dark black substances strongly adhered to it almost like black concrete.... Elbow grease, knowledge, and determination finally got me the results I was hoping for...
The Good Cemeterian, 2017

The Good Cemeterian, 2017

The Good Cemeterian, 2017

The Good Cemeterian, 2017


Sofia Garcia was born to Pedro and Anastacia Garcia… both Pedro and Anastacia became Naturalized Citizens after immigrating to America from Spain in 1890… Sofia’s father worked in the Cigar Industry…

☆ One of Sofia’s 7 siblings, Sister Hortensia M. Garcia married United States Army Veteran of the second World War, dual citizen of the United States and Canada- Harold Allison Wakem (we featured his restoration & story on Facebook June 12th..)

Sofia’s father passed away April 16th 1916 leaving his wife and 8 children…

Sofia Garcia took her own her life on May 22nd 1919 at the tender age of 18… The following article was published in the Tampa Tribune on May 23rd 1919:

Sofia Garcia Shoots Herself in Mouth While Dressing for The Theatre
While her family were waiting for her to come downstairs to accompany them to a moving picture theater last night shortly before 9 o’clock, Sofia Garcia, sat on the edge of her bed, placed the muzzle of a revolver in her mouth and sent a bullet into her brain, death being almost instantaneous.
The young woman had been in poor health for some time past, and despondency is supposed to be the cause of her rash act. She was eighteen years of age and lived with her widowed mother and several brothers and sisters at No. 1712 Nebraska avenue.
According to the statement of her sister, made to Officer Wesly Henderson, the family heard the report of the revolver but did not think anything of it, believing it to have been an automobile tire in the street outside. They did not go upstairs until after having waited longer than they thought necessary for her to get ready to go out. The sister found her lying across the bed in a pool of blood. The revolver used was a .38 calibre Smith & Wesson, belonging to her brother-in-law.
As soon as the family could recover sufficiently from the shock of the discovery, Dr. W.M. Rowlett, who had been attending Miss Garcia was summoned and pronounced her dead, and he in turn summoned the police, Officer Henderson responding.
The ball had passed almost straight through the back of her head, penetrating the base of the brain and lodged in the wall of the chamber.
After making and examination of the body, Undertaker B. Marion Reed was called, and the body removed to his parlors to be prepared for burial, which is expected to take place today, although arrangements have not as yet been completed."


☆Sofia Garcia☆
☆Beloved daughter & sister☆
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